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Help your Student Athletes Find Career Success

Collegiate athletes are always improving upon a variety of characteristics to help them not only in school and sport, but also to prepare them for a full time-career. Many employers are looking for exactly those characteristics, but due to rigorous commitments to both academics and athletics, collegiate athletes are left with little time to complete a thorough job and/or internship search and interview process.

The inxathlete solution

We offer the first nationwide digital networking platform and database focused on facilitating the connection between student athletes and employers who value them.

For colleges and universities, we recommend our Customized School Platform (CSP) in which our existing platform is recreated to match your school's brand identity and include your own photography. Students get double exposure this way, through the CSP and the national database

By using a CSP, schools can improve:

Student Athlete
Career development services.
Increase Alumni/
Donor relations

High exposure to suitable donors, alumni and employers (chosen by school)

Student Development staff has backend access to post announcements, dates and career and life tips to all students athletes through a centralized platform

Recruiting tools for incoming student athletes

Backend data tracking and analytics
Added value for business/donors looking to hire from your school (with athlete searches and job posting codes)

Your school controls which alumni/donors have access to student athletes

Cultivate and foster your athletic alumni community

Partners already discovering the power of inxathlete and the custom school platform

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