Think small to achieve BIG





The journey and transition from college to the professional world can seem daunting. Most students have just spent four years with their best friends on a very regimented class, athletic, and social schedule. On the other hand, the going to college in the first place and move away from your parents and family was already a new experience. Things like doing your own laundry, setting your own schedule, and cooking your own food for every meal, all while on a tight budget, tend to create a big culture shock. Day in and day out during your collegiate career, you compete on a very high level while managing all these new tasks. So is it really that daunting to take the next step of maturity into the professional world? Or is it just part of the process?

The best advice I believe I can give students or student athletes on their journeys through maturity is to think small to achieve big. As we graduate high school, we have our dreams and aspirations laid out in our heads. “I will go to college at [insert dream school]. I will graduate with a degree in [insert degree here] and get a job at [insert dream job here].” Sounds pretty incredible when we have our life planned out at 18 years young. However, is that really what we want?

Thinking small to achieve big is a necessity when it comes to athletic success and professional success. This mindset can be summed up as “grow with the process.” Little steps turn into big strides; through those little steps, we are changing with every breath, moment, and experience. Our interests change with every new bit of information we receive and every new experience we conquer. Aspirations change and passions grow. By taking it step by step and growing with the journey, you can ensure that you will be fulfilled not only during your collegiate campaign but also in the professional world.


By: Cody Ferraro