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The Student-Athlete Interview Process

As many of you are in the heat of your job search, we thought it may be helpful to provide some key points surrounding the interview process. Fellow InXAthlete team member, Tim Cronin, highlights some great points to focus on in your interview:

How to “Nail” your interview:

Being a Student-Athlete gives you an opportunity to be viewed differently from students that don’t have the advantage of being a Student-Athlete. As one Fortune 100 executive said, “I like Student-Athletes because they know how to deal with failure, they recover quickly and learn from their mistakes.”

The Pre-Interview Steps  

  • Identify which of the 4 main types of interviews you have (face to face, phone, web attended, web unattended).
  • Prepare an opening statement. “Tell me about yourself,” something not covered in your resume. 
  • Make your story worth telling and worth hearing!

Opening Statement

  • What is there about you that doesn’t really come out in your resume/CV. Create this statement in advance so that it sounds spontaneous.
  • What makes you unique and makes you stand out 
    • Why are you the “right” candidate
  • I had to learn to manage my time and prioritize tasks to optimize outcomes: Balance Sport – School – Life.

Tips for athletes: “While I don’t have exact work experience, my time as a S-A prepared me to”: (insert your learned traits and how they make you a top notch candidate). 

Closing statement

  • Prepare a closing statement. How do you want them to remember you? What makes you an individual and unique. Create “space” between you and others! 
  • What lasting impression do you want them to have?
  • Discuss the ways you can contribute (You can lead and follow, you know how to prepare, and you have worked with diverse group gender and ethnicity).

Tips for athletes: Be concise, don’t ramble, highlight successes and traits that are complementary to the business which you are applying.

Advice from Corporate executives 

“Everything you did as a Student-Athlete makes you a better candidate for the business you join”

“You will learn more from your failures that you do from your successes”.

“Your ability to adjust to changing conditions makes you invaluable”

“Being a Student-Athlete helps you assimilate more quickly into the corporate world, you already know how to be a teammate”

“Teamwork is a process of INCLUSION”

“Remember that you can make a difference in the company you join” 

“Your ability to adapt and adjust as an athlete prepares you for the business world”