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The 5 Pillars Of Mental Health

Being a Student-Athlete is an incredibly time-consuming, hard-working job. To do your best as a Student and Athlete, it is important to care for your mental health. Erin Rubenking, Psychological Health and Performance Counselor at the University of Colorado, shares the importance of mental health. Erin says, “It is really difficult to reach our full potential if we are not caring for our mental health regardless of our physical fitness.” Afterall, it is important to stay aware of your mental health whether you’re competing in a sport or not. Here are five pillars of mental health to help you become aware of your mind and begin to work towards a healthier mental state:

These five pillars are a great place to start in your search for mental health. Chris Bader, Director of Psychological Health & Performance at the University of Colorado, also shares the value of these pillars, “In each of the five pillars there are different ways to engage mental health. Recognizing and utilizing the five pillars can be a great starting point for mental wellness.” The multiple ways to engage mental health is what makes these five pillars so effective.

Erin Rubenking: Erin is a counselor for the Psychological Health and Performance program at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a counselor, she provides mental health services to student-athletes and coaches throughout the year. She works with incoming student-athletes to help with the transition to college and also helps prepare them for life after they graduate.

Chris Bader: Chris was a Counselor and Sport Psychologist for the University of Colorado athletic department. In this position, Chris provided counseling services to student-athletes and coaches. Chris is currently moving on from the University of Colorado to act as the Assistant Athletics Director for Mental Health and Performance at the University of Arkansas.