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Seven Keys to Summer Success

By: Samantha Nemirov, Marketing Intern at InXAthlete

I’m proud to say I am officially a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder and also proud, yet sad, to say I am officially done with my Division I lacrosse career. If you are reading this than you must be in the same position as me, just a Student-Athlete trying to find a job, or even quite possibly a new passion. Hopefully for you, you still have time before graduation and before your next season starts up again. Although I felt I did everything I could to prepare myself for after college, looking back there is always more I could have done. Luckily, you all have access to InXAthlete, the greatest platform to bridge the gap between Student-Athletes and employers. Summer presents the perfect opportunity away from athletics and school to focus purely on yourself and your future. Here are some key steps you should take this summer to get ahead of the game:

  1. Complete your InXAthlete profile– Fill out all areas of the profile criteria. Make sure you clean up your resume and upload it to your profile. I know you may feel weird to put a video in there, but trust me it will help future employers see the real you.
  2. Check the Job Board every week– It is one thing to create a profile, but make sure you get on InXAthlete and check out all the new postings from various companies. You never know, one may catch your eye.
  3. Practice mock interviews– When the time comes to get a job, you will want to be confident in your interview capabilities, just as confident as you are on the field, court, or mat. Reach out to the career & development team at your respective universities to schedule a mock interview.
  4. Take advantage of all the resources your career & development team offer– They are here to help you. Reach out to them and use all the resources given. Personally, I started this step a little late and I wish I reached out earlier. I have seen first hand all the great insights, advice, connections, and mentorship available.
  5. Take time to yourself– Use whatever free time you have this summer and create clear goals and objectives for yourself. Explore the endless opportunities for your future. Truly invest time into finding a passion or goal for life after sports. I wish I took this step more seriously.
  6. DO NOT limit yourself– When you do find this one passion or picture perfect job, do not close yourself off to other opportunities. Have an open mind and try to learn as much as you can.
  7. Update other online profiles (LinkedIn)– While InXAthlete can be your main hub for finding your dream opportunity, be aware of other platforms too. LinkedIn is one of the largest job search sites out there. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and presents your best self.

Get after it! And remember… Have fun this summer!