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Seven Keys For First Semester

With the start of the academic year just around the corner, it is important to take a minute to reflect and prepare for what’s coming. Whether you are entering senior year or just beginning as a freshman, it is important to make sure you are in the best position possible for the school year and getting back into competition. To help you get started, here is a list of seven things to do for a great first semester:

  1. Make sure you are mentally ready—Mental wellness will be huge for success over the next semester. Taking the time to reflect on yourself and how you feel, can help keep you on track.
  2. Set goals for the first semester—Having attainable goals set for athletics, academics, and social life will help you stay driven through the semester. With these goals, it is important to reflect on your progress and make note of goals that were attained and those you are still working on, and what you can do to attain those goals. 
  3. Keep a calendar of your schedule—Staying on top of your work and other events is also incredibly important. Making a habit of being organized and prepared will help you drastically in school, athletics, and life after college.
  4. Get into a routine—Knowing what is coming through the day can be really helpful. The school year will be incredibly busy, so getting into a routine of when you study, practice, and go to class can help you time manage and stay on top of your tasks. 
  5. Find something you enjoy doing—Finding something outside of athletics and school that you love can help you stay balanced in all your activities. Having something enjoyable you can do throughout the day can act as a nice break from academics, or any stress you go through in a typical day.   
  6. Explore the area you are in—Leaving for school can be hard for some people. Exploring the area you are in can really help you feel more connected and at home in the community. 
  7. Sign up for InXAthlete—InXAthlete is an incredibly straightforward platform to bridge the gap between Student-Athletes such as yourself and employers. This platform was made by former Student-Athletes who understand the time being a Student-Athlete takes and want to help you have access to jobs and employers who value your skills as a Student-Athlete.

Most importantly, enjoy your time at school this semester!

By: Connor Ericksen-Dunn, Marketing Intern at InXAthlete