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Regeneron: Where Athletes Thrive

By, Alex Steele

The tools you need to succeed

If you think of what makes a great student athlete, things like strength, determination, resourcefulness and leadership probably come to mind. Coincidentally, those are the very building blocks for success at any biotechnology facility. But Regeneron isn’t a typical biotech company. We do things a little differently. It’s why we allow you to take those foundations for success, make them your own, and use them to build a career you may have never dreamt possible. 

We give you access to tools, programs and opportunities designed to encourage your growth and success. It starts with working with your manager to plan your career development, and includes mentorship and training throughout your career with us. At Regeneron, we’re here to encourage and support every member of our team.

It’s our tight-knit, team-spirit culture that provides ongoing support, mentorship and advice from a group of knowledgeable leaders—experts in their game—who will know you by name and whom you can trust. In fact, we are so committed to building the strength and depth of our team will sponsor up to $10,000 per year in tuition reimbursement. That means you’ll have every opportunity to improve your own game in biotech. 

And the tools for success at Regeneron go even further than that. We give you the equipment you need to do your job in ways that help push the development of new medicines forward. You’ll be trained on technology that’s among the best in the industry, so you and your team can move through process development faster. That means more outcomes more frequently, and getting more medicine to more people all over the world. Now that’s what we’d call success. 

Programs to keep you motivated and fulfilled

In any cutting-edge industry like biotech, burning the midnight oil sometimes comes with the job. After all, bringing life-saving and innovative medicines to life isn’t for the faint of heart. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to let off a little steam. 

Our team enjoys spending time together on and off the clock. And, with plenty of social clubs and special programs, we have a feeling you’ll find plenty of opportunities to stay inspired and rewarded. You won’t miss out on your love of the game, either. From organized sports teams to athletic events, being part of the Regeneron team means you don’t have to give up on being an athlete. We even have a free, fully-equipped gym right on campus. Accredited personal trainers included. 

From professional mentorship, training and planning to extracurricular clubs, teams and events, what you need to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit comes standard with your employment at Regeneron.

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