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Regeneron: Where Athletes Succeed

By, Erin Kane

We’re part of your team

As an athlete, you’ll find working at Regeneron challenging, exciting and rewarding—the very same things that play into your desire to reach and exceed your goals. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. That’s why we invite you to get to know Erin Kane, a former collegiate athlete and one of our scientifically-minded team members, to discover why she gets so much from her work at Regeneron. 

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Erin Kane, Process Sciences Associate

Tell us what attracted you to work at Regeneron.

Having gone to college nearby, I knew Regeneron had a strong presence on campus and a high reputation with alumni, the career center, and my professors. Combined with what I learned about Regeneron’s culture from information sessions, I felt that I was a good fit and would be happy working in the environment Regeneron provided. 

How does your role on your collegiate team compare to your current role on your Regeneron team? How has it changed?

As a swimmer, I was part of a team, but my races (unless they were relays) were individual. When it came to meets and practices, whether I had a good or bad day came down to only me—but I had a supportive team cheering me on and helping me through any struggles, whether they were academic or swimming related. 

In my current role at Regeneron, I’m trusted by my group to competently work independently on projects I “own.” However, whenever I hit a road block or get confused I have a whole team willing to help, and vice versa. It’s very similar to what I’d experienced as a collegiate swimmer. 

Similarly, while in college, and especially as an upperclassman, I would spend time every week mentoring the younger students on the team. I’d help them figure out homework problems or what classes to take each semester. Now I spend time every week contributing to projects the rest of my team members are working on—either in the lab supporting preparatory work, reviewing reports, or submitting samples.

Student athletes tend to possess confidence, fortitude, drive, and the ability to manage their time well. In what ways does Regeneron encourage or support those traits you already have? 

As an athlete I definitely developed time-management skills and the drive to always do the best that I could. At Regeneron things change every day. I might be balancing five different projects at once, but the importance of those projects can fluctuate and even change completely from day to day. Certain projects might fall off my active list in favor of completely new ones. It’s keeping up with all those deadlines that has encouraged me to continue to use the same time-management skills I learned while a student athlete. 

In addition, my drive to always perform to my best ability comes out every time I turn in a report or present a study. Regeneron has helped me feel confident in the work I do by providing me with the information and knowledge I need. For example, I only took one statistics class in college, but the reports I currently work on require lots of statistical analysis. I took the statistical classes offered by Regeneron and it’s helped me feel confident in the work I’m submitting. 

Tell us what working with your team at Regeneron is like. Do you encourage, learn from and teach one another? Do you have the ability for autonomy and to try new things?

My group is very open, everyone’s opinion is respected no matter what their current level is. Having only been here for nine months, I have learned a ton from everyone in my group—they have been here for years or only a short time like me. While our main priority is completing our typical studies and reports, if we stumble across something interesting we’re also encouraged to invest time to see where it might lead. The same philosophy goes for upcoming projects. If I want to widen my experience, I can inform my manager that I want to work on a different aspect of a project than I have in the past.

Do you have any tips for athletes considering an interview at Regeneron? 

My tip would be to rely on the skills you’ve learned as a student athlete—Regeneron is all about time management, group communication, and a desire to win. Do your research on both Regeneron and the position you’re interested in and have a few questions prepared. This really demonstrates your interest and can go a long way—whether you’re preparing for a formal interview at Regeneron, or simply aiming to talk to one of our recruiters at a campus event.

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