Profile: Billy Oppenheimer


Coaches can often say the most profound things with the simplest of statements. When his collegiate lacrosse coach drilled into him the mantra “Great players don’t just punch the time clock,” Billy knew it was more than just second-hand advice.

“I loved that on- and off-the-clock metaphor,” Billy says, “because the implication was that everyone was capable of being great. I really bought into that as a student athlete, and I still try to apply that to everything I do. I show up early, I work hard, and I leave late.”

Four years of intense dedication to lacrosse at Lehigh University helped Billy develop character traits and skills that continue to prove useful in all aspects of his life.

“College athletes learn and master how to work hard with others to achieve hard things,” he says. “Collegiate athletics is the greatest lesson in dealing with adversity.”

As is often the case, it’s the things you have to work the hardest for that end up being the most appreciated. “My most lasting memories from those defining four years deal with sacrifice and hardship,” Billy says.

He cited Saturday morning conditioning sessions, traveling to games the night before a big exam, or “getting whacked with sticks for two hours every day” as just a few of the challenges he and his teammates learned to overcome as part of their collegiate lacrosse experience.

“It was a physically and mentally draining full-time job on top of the academic and social expectations of college students,” he says. “That’s what I loved about it. It was hard, but I had a team full of highly motivated people to lean on and work through it with.”

Billy was selected to the All-Patriot League team in lacrosse his senior season. He has continued his athletic endeavors after college and was a member of the Wanneroo Chiefs team that won the Western Australia Championship for lacrosse in 2016.

In addition to his sports and business pursuits, Billy is an active blogger. An English major, Billy struck on his course of study after being inspired during his second semester by a certain professor’s class. “I really enjoyed his class and found a strong interest in writing,” he says.

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