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Opportunity in Preparation

Although the world seems to be on hold right now, life will resume at some point. When it does, you need to be in the best position possible to succeed. While many people may use this opportunity to relax and have lots of “free time,” there is a group of people who remain dedicated to their craft and long term goals. This group of individuals are Student-Athletes. Student-Athletes understand the importance of their work and preparation for a larger organization’s success. This understanding of the importance of preparation is something that will allow for large amounts of growth in this period. 

Overall, it is important to understand that although this time is different, it doesn’t need to change your actions or aspirations. Something important to keep in mind is the importance of your daily routine. It is easy to get sucked in to counterproductive activities when staying in the house, so maintaining a routine that is oriented to your goals is incredibly important. To help guide you towards a productive routine we have put together some pieces of advice to make your day productive:

  • It is important to have a schedule just as if you are going to an office. 
  • Get up early and take a shower. 
  • Have breakfast 
  • If you normally work out in the morning, continue to do so. Your body and brain need a routine that is consistent. 
  • Then GO to work. 
  • Don’t get distracted by home chores or other duties. 
  • Separate “work” from “home”
  • Have a place that is just for work (if possible) so you can leave a project and easily come back to it. 
  • Take scheduled breaks as if you were at an office. If it is a 15 minute break don’t let it drag to 20, be disciplined. 
  • Take lunch at the same time every day so that your day has a rhythm and predictability. 

This is a chance to get yourself in a position to excel when the COVID-19 situation resolves. It’s a “new-normal” and we all must adapt and evolve to be valuable in the future. The candidates who adapt to this new normal will be the most successful in the future. In a business setting, Student-Athletes can help you respond to the unique circumstances through their skill of preparation and problem solving. This is the time when you need to push your business towards the future and build your team with those who will put you in the best position to expand and succeed coming out of COVID-19. In the end, this is all about the opportunity in preparation. 

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn