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Mat to Business: Tyson Reiner’s Journey

Student-Athletes have been groomed for success in the workforce, throughout their journey in collegiate athletics. Therefore, the success that a former Student-Athlete has in the workforce is no mystery. We do our best to find jobs that benefit both the Student-Athlete and employer. We have been fortunate to make many of these pairings in the past, and have recently helped former collegiate wrestler Tyson Reiner find a company that valued his skills and traits. 

As a Student-Athlete, Tyson found success through his career. He was a captain his Junior and Senior year at the University of Northern Iowa and qualified for two National Championships. Although his career as a Student-Athlete is impressive, something that makes Tyson stand out is his experience coaching collegiate athletes as well. Upon graduation, Tyson took an opportunity to coach at St. Cloud University. Since then, he has coached at Wartberg and Colorado School of Mines. These experiences have helped deepen his understanding of what it means to be a Student-Athlete and the importance of preparation for post graduation life.

Through his experiences as a Student-Athlete, Tyson gained many skills that he has been able to directly apply to his life after athletics. When reflecting on what he learned through his time wrestling, Tyson says, “Accountability and work ethic has shaped me to the person I am today. I chalked that up to the lessons that you learn as an athlete. You are around like-minded, hard-working individuals who know what it’s like to be dedicated.”  This accountability and work ethic that Tyson talks about is what makes Student-Athletes different from other employees. Tyson mentions, “when you get into the job market you realize that people don’t always have those traits.” Now as a coach, Tyson says, “I preach to my guys that education will take you farther in life than sports ever will. You will work for the rest of your life.” His experiences as a Student-Athlete and now as a coach makes his experiences very unique and valuable to future employers.

So what role did InXAthlete play? InXAthlete was able to connect Tyson to a company that understood the value of his experience and traits such as accountability and work ethic. Tyson has been placed at Power of Purpose, a company that helps grow and fund non-profit businesses especially schools. When looking at his experience job searching with InXAthlete, Tyson states, “my experience was phenomenal. It was unbelievable how quickly the turn around happened for me. I talked about a career change, and within 2 weeks I was in contact with a company that was a good fit for me personally.” He reflects on the experience as “individualized” and says “it was a phenomenal experience and I recommend it to everyone.” Tyson has fallen in love with Power of Purpose as it is a company that values him for his experiences as a Student-Athlete and coach. Finding these mutually beneficial employment opportunities result in positive experiences for all parties involved, and we can see that with Tyson.

We are here to help all Student-Athletes find great fitting jobs like Tyson was able to. Our database is filled with employers who value you for the skills and traits you can bring to their business. We hope that InXAthlete can help many more Student-Athletes like Tyson Reiner find their next team!

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn