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InXAthlete Welcomes The University of San Diego to The Team

May 6, 2020

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Boulder, CO — InXAthlete is excited to announce our partnership with the University of San Diego! As a company, we are driven to enhance the lives of Student-Athletes post-graduation, so we are thrilled to start helping these new Student-Athletes find their next team.

With the addition of USD, we now have a total of 8 Custom School Platforms up and running. We are fortunate to be able to offer our services in an efficient and remote setting. This will allow us to continue working towards our goal to bridge the gap between more employers and Student-Athletes than ever before. Coordinator of Scholar-Athlete Development, Greg Camarillo, states, “InXAthlete is proving to be a great tool for helping student-athletes get connected with jobs and internships while also engaging our alumni network. We want to make sure our students successfully transition to professional life and InXAthlete is helping us reach that goal!” 

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Although this situation is unique and unprecedented, we stand by our saying of, “Challenge Produces Opportunity.” We realize that these times are unique, but we believe there is always something to learn and grow from. We are eager to get to work with the Toreros to find these new exciting opportunities for their Student-Athletes.

We are incredibly excited to welcome the Toreros and provide virtual career development through these times. We know the Torero Athlete Careers platform will help these Student-Athletes not only find a job after graduation but a job that fits who they are and allows them to thrive in a new environment.

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