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InXAthlete to Offer Free Use for Universities

Monday, March 16, 2020 

Boulder, CO—Just as Student-Athletes learn to overcome hardships and controversy through their collegiate careers, we are doing the same at InXAthlete. Founded by former Student-Athletes, Max Wessell and Cody Ferraro, InXAthlete is adapting to the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19 and are providing an outlet for athletic departments across the nation to get through these unprecedented times.

As a company, InXAthlete is dedicated to enhancing Student-Athletes post-graduate lives. This is a unique moment as many Student-Athletes’ collegiate careers have come to an abrupt ending due to COVID-19. This abrupt ending to the athletic year, along with most universities moving to a strictly online curriculum, may present some challenges for Student-Athletes preparedness of post-graduate life. 

To handle this challenge, we have decided that InXAthlete will suspend charges over the next 6-months for your university Custom School Platform. For universities that do not have a Custom School Platform already, we hope this opportunity helps ease your transition to a mostly virtual setting over the following weeks and gives your Student-Athletes a place to search for Jobs and Internships.

With the InXAthlete custom school platform being online, this will allow you to ensure your Student-Athletes are in the best position after graduation. Our platform will allow you to directly connect Student-Athletes to employers looking to hire them, all remotely. On the InXAthlete website, there are also plenty of resources dedicated to helping Student-Athletes nationwide through their professional development and job search. By allowing your university and Student-Athletes to continue their career development remotely, we will ensure your Student-Athletes don’t fall behind in these unique circumstances.

We hope that through this offer, InXAthlete can help relieve the stress and difficulty that both Student-Athletes and athletic departments nationwide are experiencing. For those schools interested in this offer, please reach out to our founders Cody Ferraro or Max Wessell and help your Student-Athletes find their next team!