InXAthlete Announces Partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder Athletic Department

BOULDER – InXAthlete announced their partnership with the flagship university of the state of Colorado, University of Colorado Boulder, to better connect student-athlete graduates with high-quality employers.

InXAthlete is an online employment platform, free for job candidates, that connects student athletes with employers who value the skills that athletes translate into the business world. The platform’s proprietary online interface was created for student athletes by student athletes to provide a simplified way for employers to seek out potential employees that fit their needs. The InXAthlete platform was integrated with the University of Colorado Boulder’s athletics program on October 16, 2018, and was introduced to the senior student body via the annual Successful Transition and Exit Planning for Seniors dinner.

InXAthlete’s platform offers businesses a time- and cost-effective option for finding potential employees by means of a searchable, sortable database of student athletes looking for jobs. Now that InXAthlete is integrated with the University of Colorado Boulder, students will be able to access the platform via the university’s student portal and connect with many local and national businesses – and many more businesses abroad – that they would not have had easy access to otherwise.

“Our mission is to get student athletes hired faster and in better positions than ever before,” said Cody Ferraro, former Division 1 lacrosse player from Lehigh University and cofounder of InXAthlete. “We are thrilled to be working with the University of Colorado Boulder to provide more opportunities and connections for their students.”

“Universities are always trying to increase the post-graduation success rates of their students by providing more ways to see and seize business opportunities,” said Max Wessell, former NCAA All-American wrestler and cofounder of InXAthlete. “And students are always looking for more efficient ways to increase the return on their educational investment. InXathlete provides a three-way solution for students, businesses and universities.”

InXAthlete operates on the premise that student athletes make excellent assets to any workforce because of the discipline and dedication learned from engaging in collegiate athletics. The InXAthlete platform showcases the unique ways in which those soft attributes – such as teamwork, multitasking and dedication – can be translated into practical applications in any industry.

“InXAthlete has an original approach to promoting student athletes’ unique skill sets to employers through a searchable, sortable database, that will help our student athletes connect with local and national organizations,” said Lauren Unrein, assistant director of student-athlete leadership and career development. “It will provide student athletes with internship and full-time opportunities that they may not have found elsewhere.”

“Our mission is to provide a holistic and comprehensive student-athlete experience, and we’re excited to see the connections and successes our student athletes find from this platform,” said Dave Callan, director of the leadership and career development program. “We are excited to launch this new career platform that was designed to meet the specific needs of CU student athletes.”

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