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InXAthlete and LEAD1 Join Forces to Provide More Opportunities for Student Athletes

InXAthlete, an online student-athlete employment platform, and LEAD1 Association, which represents the athletics directors of the 130 member institutions within the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), announced that they have signed a long-term partnership agreement to promote more opportunities for student athletes and employers.

LEAD1’s mission is to support the athletics directors of America’s leading intercollegiate programs in preparing today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. InXAthlete – through a customized platform for athletics departments – connects student athletes with employers who value the skills that athletes bring to the business world. InXAthlete operates on the premise that student athletes make excellent additions to any workforce because of the discipline, work ethic, teamwork and dedication they learned from engaging in college athletics.

“We are thrilled to partner with LEAD1,” said Cody Ferraro, cofounder of InXAthlete. “This is a no-brainer agreement for us that leverages our complementary strengths. We look forward to working with LEAD1 to help more student athletes find success, athletic departments place more student athletes and more employers fill their businesses with stellar talent.”

The platform’s proprietary online interface was created for student athletes by student athletes to provide a simplified way for employers to seek out potential employees that fit their ever-changing needs. InXAthlete and LEAD1 will be working together to build events, webinars and other forms of joint outreach and free education which will all be focused on student athletes finding and succeeding in careers.

“Our sponsorships are expanding to reflect the types of goods and services our members want to offer to better serve student athletes with the transition after college,” LEAD1 president and CEO Tom McMillen said. “Our partnership with InXAthlete will help our graduating student athletes create an online profile that will assist in matching them with employers looking for their skills.”

“The student-athlete experience is a special one,” McMillen added. “Athletes are versatile because they deal with pressure, and they know how to work hard and engage with diverse groups of people. They know how to cope with a peripatetic lifestyle and how to lose and get back up.”

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InXAthlete is an online employment platform built by student athletes for student athletes. It’s a tool, free for students, that connects student athletes with employers who value the athletic skills that translate into the business world. To learn more, visit

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LEAD1 represents athletic directors from the 130 member universities of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). Key to the LEAD1 mission is influencing how the rules of college sports are enacted and implemented, advocating for the future of college athletics and providing various services to member schools. For more information, visit