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Interview tips

Interviews can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. However, when searching for a job after college athletics, these interviews are vital in the hiring process. As former Student-Athletes you have a lot of unique skills and experiences which many other college students don’t have. So, how can you translate all of this to an interview? Below are some tips on how to stand out in an interview:

  • Know the company/people who are interviewing you

-Do research on the company and know some of the things they do

-If they say who is interviewing you, learn about that person’s role and career

-Linkedin can be a great resource before interviews for this

  • “Tell us about yourself?” or “Is there anything else you think we should know?”

-This will often be your first impression on the interviewer, prepare an answer to this in advance.

These are great places to include the fact that you were a Student-Athlete

  • Identify your behavioral strengths from sports

Use these strengths for answering questions like, “What makes you different?” or “Why should we hire you?”

Tying these answers into sports can make you stand out since the employer will know you have worked in a similar team like environment.

  • What to do if you lack work experience and it comes up in an interview?

Just like in the resume, explain how being a Student-Athlete has prepared you for this job.

-E.g., discipline, time management, communication and personal skills

  • Good closing statement

-This is important to leave a good final impression, the interviewer will likely remember this and your opening statement more than anything.

-Prepare this in advance as well

  • Be confident

-Use these tips above to walk into your interview prepared and ready to get the job!

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By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn