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Greatness on and off the mat: Jordan Kutler's Journey

As we have highlighted before, the success of Student-Athletes in the workforce is no mystery. Student-Athletes bring traits that translate perfectly to the working world and help them thrive in a business environment. Our job at InXAthlete is to find the best match for each individual athlete. We were fortunate to land former Student-Athlete Jordan Kutler in a career that fits his aspirations, with a company that values what he brings to the table.

As a Student-Athlete, Jordan excelled as a wrestler at Lehigh, earning All-American honors three times. As a five year member of the Lehigh wrestling team, he showed tremendous skill within his sport, as well as great individual growth. When looking at his career as a Student-Athlete, Jordan states, “My college career wrestling was a great experience that came with many ups and downs. At the end of the day, I grew as a person and left with lots of lessons I learned that I could carry into the professional world.” The growth that Jordan reflects on is what makes Student-Athletes unique in the workplace, they come with a fresh perspective and skills through their sport like no other employee.

Coming into his job at Novus Surgical, Jordan was well prepared to join his next team with the help of a few skills that stuck with him from his experience as a Student-Athlete. Jordan emphasizes, “Mastering time management is critical. When you’re not in surgery, what can you do to make your time productive? Whether that’s, making sales calls, sitting in on a meeting, helping assist in another surgery, using time wisely and looking for the next opportunity is important.” This is just one of many skills that help Jordan thrive in the workplace. Novus Surgical President, Anthony Zito, also had a lot to say about Jordan’s skills that made him a great Student-Athlete and employee. Anthony mentions, “Jordan has most likely dedicated over 25,000 hours of his life towards his sport. The ability to deliberately practice something with that much repetition shows focus, commitment, and resilience. We have seen some of those same traits carry over professionally.” As we see here, being on an athletic team and working with a team in a professional setting has many similarities. When you can communicate and motivate yourself and your teammates to a common goal, good things will happen.

How did InXAthlete help Jordan? Upon graduation, InXAthlete was able to find Jordan an opportunity that fit his career aspirations and was a fit for his personality. Starting as an intern at Novus Surgical, Jordan is now a full time, valued member of their team. When reflecting on his experience with InXAthlete Jordan says, “I trusted Max and InXAthlete that I would be a good candidate for the company. The open communication up front and trusting the platform, I knew they had my best interest in mind.” We are glad that the InXAthlete platform placed Jordan with a team that valued his experiences and career goals.

This is just one example of Student-Athletes finding their next team through InXAthlete. Our platform is filled with employers who value your experiences as Student-Athletes. To wrap this piece up, I will leave you with a piece of advice from Jordan. He says, “Be yourself and never stop looking for an opportunity. If you’re not prepared for a new opportunity it could slip right by you.” Start looking for your next opportunity today on!

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn