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Freshman year advice

Thousands of students flood college campuses across the nation as school has once again begun. For newcomers, this is an exciting and nerve racking time. Whether it means leaving home or joining a completely new sports program, there can be a lot thrown at you in the next few months. To provide some support through the next year, here are some things to consider while approaching college for the first time:

  1. You are not alone: Most importantly, there are thousands of other student-athletes across the nation getting ready to attack the same thing you are. They most likely are experiencing the same nerves, stress, and excitement that you are.
  2. Make sure you stay healthy throughout the year: Health can be a struggle in college especially in the dorms. So, keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy will make your year much more successful.
  3. Find balance: It may be easy to get overwhelmed this next year. Getting into a routine with your schedule and finding balance in your activities can help you stay on top of your work, but also will allow you much needed breaks.   
  4. Use the services that are provided: Don’t hesitate to reach out for help when you need it. Whether that is in a class or sport, lots of incoming students have questions/concerns and that is what these people are there for. Schools have people dedicated to helping you and using these resources can be beneficial if you need them.
  5. Keep working: With the amount of people in college, it may seem hard to stand out or get recognition for your work. Your freshman year is an especially important foundation for the next 3 so keep working hard at it. Whether it’s in sports or the classroom, your work definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Even if its not immediate, it’s worth it down the line.
  6. Think ahead: This doesn’t mean career planning or job searching freshman year. However, college goes by fast, so starting small things in this next year can put you in a great spot for later on. Signing up for InXAthlete is a great start for your future! Simply just creating an account and attending any events that interest you is a great start!

Enjoy your freshman year! There will be many challenges throughout the year and the best way to get through them is working hard and appreciating the opportunities you have. It goes fast so try your best to enjoy all that comes along with it.

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn