Competition Doesn’t End at the Buzzer


After a brutal super bowl loss, when asked about his next chapter in football, Patriot’s future-Hall-of-Famer Rob Gronkowski said, “I’m definitely going to look at my future for sure, I’m going to sit down the next couple weeks and see where I’m at.” It is hard to know whether or not he’s really contemplating retirement – emotions run high after such a crushing defeat – but this is a question every athlete must tackle at some point in their career: where do I go from here?


It seems daunting at first – for most student-athletes, your entire college career was centered around practices, training, games, and generally trying to perfect your craft. When it ends, you suddenly free up time and energy you’ve not had available for years. Your sport was your passion and now it’s over, but losing that deeply constructive outlet should not be the end of growing yourself as a person. The professional world is full of passionate people competing to be the best; a similar ecosystem you’ll find on any field or court across the country.


Finding a career that you can be passionate about is essential to channeling the excellent habits and work ethic you developed as a student-athlete. It is no secret that being an athlete at high levels is grueling, and the daily grind is essentially endless. The tough truth is: that doesn’t change. Competing in the business world is not all glory. There are days you’ll want to throw it all away and quit, but you’re not a quitter, and at InXAthlete we know that. We’re passionate about student-athletes because each member of this new team was one – National Champions and All-Americans among the lot.


The members of InXAthlete have all contended with the challenges of being a student-athlete. We understand the hard work it took to get into a top level athletic program. We’ve experienced the joy at making a starting roster. We’ve felt the disappointment in taking a loss. But we also know what pushed us, and you, through all the hardships – competition. InXAthlete’s goal is to channel your ambition in to the next phase of your professional development. The rest of your life is ahead of you, so don’t pity the end of your athletic career. Get out there and find your next challenge. Compete.