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Colorado University Athletics- Investing in Student-Athletes Futures

In this video, Lauren touched on a few very important aspects of the BuffsGoPro platform. To fully understand the importance of certain aspects of the platform, we will highlight a couple main points below. 

“Having a career platform dedicated just for CU Student-Athletes and local and national organizations, to get involved whether it’s through internships, job placements, or participating in our events as well, has been really impactful and successful for Student-Athletes to go into different careers when they graduate.”

To start, having a platform dedicated specifically to your institution is an incredibly advantageous factor of the InXAthlete platform. This means your Student-Athletes have the best access to internships, jobs, and events with employers interested in them specifically. This is one reason why the InXAthlete platform helps excel and grow Student-Athletes career opportunities, and why the BuffsGoPro program has been a success. 

The next key point has to do with the investment CU has put into their Student-Athlete development:

“We really have a focus on developing our Student-Athletes holistically and as individuals outside of their sport, we support them on and off the field of competition, in the classroom, and also in their transition to life outside of CU athletics.”

At the end of the day, this is all about the development of Student-Athletes and preparing them to have the best post graduate life they can. Leaving the tight knit community of an athletic team can be a tough transition for some, but combining this platform, along with the incredible support the CU athletic department has given, has attributed to the success of their Student-Athletes post grad. 

The University of Colorado has done a great job implementing the BuffsGoPro platform and further developing their Student-Athletes post grad opportunities. We look forward to working with CU going forward, and look to continue enhancing opportunities for Student-Athletes nationwide!

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn