Varsity Billionaires: These Forbes 400 Members Played Sports In College

Posted  10/18/17 in Athletes, Employers
Check out this interesting article about student athletes who have been successful in the business world. https://www.forbes.com/sites/igorbosilkovski/2017/10/17/varsity-billionaires-these-forbes-400-members-played-sports-in-college/#121b83346b1f  

Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees -Forbes

Posted  06/6/17 in Employers

Employers Want to Hire College Athletes -USA Today

Posted  03/14/17 in Articles, Employers

Why You Should Fill Your Company with Athletes -Forbes

Posted  03/14/17 in Articles, Employers
Athletes just make better employees! Don' believe it check out this article in Forbes detailing exactly why student athletes are the best staff. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidkwilliams/2013/10/02/why-you-should-fill-your-company-with-athletes/#2294141e53cd