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Building a better student-athlete resume

Through the years of competing at the collegiate level, Student-Athletes develop many skills and attributes that other college students don’t have. A lot of these skills Student-Athletes obtain over the years are very marketable and appealing to companies across the nation. Since you have the unique experience of having played sports in college, it is important to understand how to use this to your advantage when searching for a career and life after collegiate sports. At InXAthlete, it is our mission to give Student-Athletes the best opportunity to succeed after leaving the field. So, here is some advice for how to play being a Student-Athlete on your resume:

  • Have an Intercollegiate Athletics section
    • Highlight accomplishments in your sport.
    • Emphasizes the unique characteristic to the employer.
    • Being a teammate means you VALUE the group you work with, emphasize this!
  • Rephrase sporting experience to more career-focused language
    • E.g., 30 hours a week in sport + 30 more in school and social life → Great time management skills.
  • Highlight the attributes you gained in sports (E.g., character, experience, accomplishments)
    • E.g.,  “dedication” and “reliability” in a team setting, work ethic, communication skills.
  • What to do if you lack internship or work experience?
    • Employers understand the time commitment Student-Athletes have to their sport, so listing your experience on a sports team and showing why you can be a good employee from your experiences is a great replacement for work experience.

Check out these links for some examples of what a Student-Athlete resume can look like:

Remember, being a Student-Athlete is unique and very appealing to potential employers. Don’t be afraid to bring attention to your experiences as a collegiate athlete! In fact many companies want to hire athletes because the situations you were exposed to make you much more valuable than the Non-Student-Athlete. We hope these steps help you find your next team!

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn