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Bridging the Gap

Throughout our time at InXAthlete, we have made a point of connecting businesses and Student-Athletes for the betterment of both parties. In the case of Lukas Mikelinich, SVP of Sales for Negotiatus, and Cortlandt Schuyler, former Student-Athlete, InXAthlete was able to connect these individuals with very similar backgrounds. Although they are both former Student-Athletes at the University of Lehigh, they never crossed paths in college. InXAthlete was able to bridge the gap and connect these two individuals years later. These opportunities are around us everywhere, and here at InXAthlete we want to make sure that they are taking advantage of. This is what both Cortlandt Schuyler and Luke Mikelinich have to say about their InXAthlete experience:

“InXAthlete provided a platform through which I was prospected not only based on my field of study, but also on my skills and knowledge that I obtained through my role as an athlete. As a college athlete, I was part of something bigger than myself, while still only being able to control my attitude and effort. This is not exclusive to athletes, but it is a desirable quality that most all athletes possess. Through InXAthlete I was able to secure a position at a place where I am surrounded by like minded individuals who all feed off each other and make each other better much like it was in college.” — Cortlandt Schuyler, Former wrestler at the University of Lehigh

Cortlandt Schuyler

“InXAthlete gives me the ability to identify strong candidates before phone screenings. I’ve always searched for former college athletes  when recruiting – as they have proven to be tenacious, competitive and coachable in a professional setting. InXAthlete was able to take it to the next level when Cody and Max started providing me with direct introductions to stellar candidates, which completely eliminated the time suck and headache of searching for formidable candidates during my down time (and downtime does not come often as a VP of Sales). Every InXAthlete candidate that I have interviewed I have hired. Every InXAthlete hire that I’ve brought onto my team has now become a top performer, to no surprise. I will be using InXAthlete for all of my future recruiting efforts, as my team is about to 3-4x in our hyper growth phase.” — Lukas Mikelinich SVP Sales Negotiatus, former lacrosse player at the University of Lehigh 

Lukas Mikelinich

Overall, InXAthlete is here to support our Student-Athlete community. We will continue to bridge the gap between employers and Student-Athletes and hope to make many more meaningful connections like the one made between Luke and Cortlandt in the future!

By, Connor Ericksen-Dunn