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Profile: Austin David

Posted  01/5/18
  Austin is the type of person who will go to the mat for a company. An All-American university freestyle wrestler at the University of Oklahoma, Austin earned a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and a master of arts in human relations (organizational structure). He is currently in the financial sector and looking for a position in a similar field or in general business which offers advancement opportunities. “I...

Utah Real Estate Agent Right at Home Selling Benefits of Athletic Drive in the Workplace

Posted  12/19/17
  Eric Osmond comes by his nickname naturally.   Around the office, the 26-year-old Utah real estate agent with a penchant for personal discipline and the ability to get things done is known as the “Renegade Machine.”   “You can see it on my door,” Osmond said, noting that the other office nameplates show a person’s name, followed by the title of “agent.” “You look at my door, it says,...

5 Reasons Why Hiring Athletes Will Lead to a Net Profit

Posted  12/12/17
  There are a lot of factors to consider when making a great hire. With all things equal across potential candidates, you can quickly “un-level” the playing field by recognizing the advantages of hiring a student athlete. The workplace game is constantly changing, but the student athlete’s importance in that game is constantly growing. Here’s five reasons why you should make a student athlete your next hire: Discipline Student athletes...

Ex-Fishbowl Chairman and CEO David K. Williams joins InXAthlete roster

Posted  12/6/17
  InXAthlete is pleased to announce the addition of David K. Williams to its executive leadership team. Williams, the former chairman and chief executive officer of inventory-management software giant Fishbowl, officially joins the InXAthlete roster as an external board member. Williams brings an impressive stats line to InXAthlete, with more than 35 years of executive-level experience in multiple industries. His penchant for inspiring employees and passionate leadership skills led Inc....

Helping Athletes, Employers Join the Same Team

Posted  11/29/17
  The most important traits of successful employees aren’t always learned in the classroom, the boardroom, or even on the job. At InXAthlete, we believe that quite often, many of a person’s best attributes are forged in the realm of collegiate athletic competition. As our collegiate athletic careers at Lehigh University began to wind down, we naturally began focusing on the next phase of life. In evaluating our individual abilities,...

Varsity Billionaires: These Forbes 400 Members Played Sports In College

Posted  10/18/17
Check out this interesting article about student athletes who have been successful in the business world.  

Free Resume Builder

Posted  08/22/17
Building a resume can be a pain.  Not only knowing what information to put on your resume, or how to best portray your involvement in athletics is difficult but often times even knowing what format to put your resume in can be difficult.  Attached below is a link to a free resume building site in order to get you started on your resume.

Great Resume Templates

Posted  06/8/17

Why Wrestlers Make the Best Employees -Forbes

Posted  06/6/17

The Journey of A Student Athlete: Katie O'Reilly Blog Post 1

Posted  04/25/17
Growing up my second home was the gym. I spent countless weeknights, weekends and summer vacations in numerous practices, games, tournaments and showcases. Many times questioning, “what is the purpose of it all”? After eventually receiving a full scholarship to play basketball at Lehigh University, a division I program dedicated to developing a premium breed of scholar athletes, I finally began to see what the constant grind was all for....

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