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Varsity Billionaires: These Forbes 400 Members Played Sports In College

Posted  10/18/17
Check out this interesting article about student athletes who have been successful in the business world.  

Free Resume Builder

Posted  08/22/17
Building a resume can be a pain.  Not only knowing what information to put on your resume, or how to best portray your involvement in athletics is difficult but often times even knowing what format to put your resume in can be difficult.  Attached below is a link to a free resume building site in order to get you started on your resume.

Great Resume Templates

Posted  06/8/17

The Journey of A Student Athlete: Katie O'Reilly Blog Post 1

Posted  04/25/17
Growing up my second home was the gym. I spent countless weeknights, weekends and summer vacations in numerous practices, games, tournaments and showcases. Many times questioning, “what is the purpose of it all”? After eventually receiving a full scholarship to play basketball at Lehigh University, a division I program dedicated to developing a premium breed of scholar athletes, I finally began to see what the constant grind was all for....

How to Play Up Being an NCAA Athlete On Your Resume

Posted  03/14/17
If you are a student athlete looking for a job, you should know employers want to know about it! Student athletes have dedicated their time and effort throughout college to not only school, but athletics as well. Athletes should be rewarded for this commitment in the hiring process. This begins with learning how to display your NCAA career on your resume.