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The Increasingly Stronger Case For Hiring 'Athlete' Employees

Posted  11/8/18 in All
  As I’ve noted in prior columns, there’s a surging interest in the hiring and job placement of collegiate athletes, for good reason. Not all collegiate athletes aspire to go “pro.” Even for the NFL, which chooses 200 candidates in its 7 rounds of draft at the end of each season, the odds of a collegiate player going professional are abysmally small. The chances are smaller still for professional basketball, soccer...

Life After College Hockey

Posted  05/24/18 in All
  When your college hockey career is over and it’s on to the working world, you’re going to have to make some adjustments. For one thing, you probably won’t be able to stay on that 4,000-calories-per-day diet. (Commuting isn’t exactly penalty killing when it comes to burning off the calories.) Dropping the gloves will be an even worse idea now. The crease will only matter on trousers. But some—many, in...