With the school year coming to a start, we have decided to revisit this piece from 2018 as it still incredibly relevant today. Wether you are currently in the balancing act or soon to be there, these are some great points to help you get on track before the next school year comes around.

Anticipation courses through most college freshman as they arrive on campus their first day, ready to face a new era in life—one that promises excitement and experiences far different from any they had at home. It seems daunting, but they’re all there starting from square one together, right?

Well, not all of them.

For student athletes, they arrived at campus weeks ago and are already on a regular routine of practice, training, recovery, and socialization. That exciting first day that most of their new classmates are experiencing just adds another facet to the athletes’ already overloaded schedules. Student athletes are asked to do a lot—and then some more. Practice schedules are grueling, classes don’t care what else is going on in your life, and your friends expect you to be hanging out with them every night. How do you balance so many aspects of your life when, for most, this is your first time even being out on your own?

Determination is what got you into a collegiate athletic program, and determination is what’s going to carry you through the endeavor of an athlete/student/socialite life. The beauty of college is knowing for what and when your attention is demanded. Practice at 8 AM? That’s training time. Classes from 10 till 2? You better be there. Your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s birthday dinner is at 8? Probably shouldn’t skip that, unless you want a lot of free time suddenly on your hands. Knowing everything that’s expected of you is important, but being able to follow through is where student athletes really show what they’re made of.

There’s no secret to balancing all the demands of being a collegiate student-athlete. You need to know what’s on your plate and how you’re going to attack each demand made of you. And this only becomes more true after school—except you get less guidance and the stakes are higher.

So now we come back to determination. It’s what pushed you through your organic chemistry class and Acting 101. It’s what got you up at 6 AM for two-a-days. And it’s what maintains friends for life once you’ve moved on from college. The balancing act isn’t a balancing act at all: it’s life. If you face each role you find yourself with determination—the willingness to fail, learn, and try again—you will be successful.

By: Luke Dilzell, 

InXAthlete Account Executive