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AJ Long—Molded by Mental Toughness

At InXAthlete, we pride ourselves on the success of former Student-Athletes in the professional world. We do our best to find jobs which benefit both you and the employer. Recently, we were fortunate enough to help former Student-Athlete, AJ Long, find a company that valued his skills and traits, while also meeting his needs as far as location and time. 

AJ had a unique Student-Athlete experience, reflecting on it as a “turbulent” collegiate career. Beginning his career at Syracuse, AJ started at quarterback for the Orange until he eventually left after his sophomore year due to being medically disqualified. From Syracuse, AJ then went to Wagner for the next year and a half. Although he met some of his best friends there, Wagner was not a place that fit him athletically. Eventually, AJ found himself at West Chester, where he would end his collegiate career. When reflecting on his career, AJ says, “Since I was starting at Syracuse, my career started on a higher note, and then ended on the highest note being able to lead my team (West Chester) to 10-0. It made everything in between kind of worth it.” Through AJ’s journey in college athletics, he experienced many unique situations and moments that helped shape who he is today. 

AJ has a background that is unique to a Student-Athlete and learned traits from it that can greatly benefit a company. Through transferring twice and continuing to work towards his goals, AJ called upon his mental toughness. AJ says, “One trait I have always had was being mentally tough. However, my collegiate career really tested it. I had never not played or really been doubted. These experiences made me dig into my mental toughness and self-confidence… the situation at Syracuse turned me into the person I am now. It created a different level of work ethic and forced me to pay attention to everything to put myself in a position to be successful.” These skills that AJ was able to develop in his athletic experience are traits that he will now carry into his future company and ventures.

So what role did InXAthlete play? InXAthlete was able to connect AJ to a company that understood the value of his experience and traits such as work ethic, mental toughness, and teamwork. InXAthlete was also able to find AJ a company that allowed him to stay in the location he wanted, while also allowing him to continue to work on his foundation Diamond Athletic Performance. AJ was eventually paired with the company Step it Up Kids. When looking back at his experience with InXAthlete, AJ says, “Max and everyone at InXAthlete absolutely killed it. I was on the platform for all of a week and a half when Max called me and said he had a job that was perfect for me… My biggest concern was not wanting to move from where I’m at, so being able to have a job where I don’t have to leave and can still help these kids by giving them guidance that they might not have otherwise was great… I am extremely grateful for Max and InXAthlete.” The InXAthlete platform was able to pair AJ with a job that fit into his life and give him a place that he sees himself thriving for the foreseeable future.

We are here to help all Student-Athletes find great fitting jobs like AJ was able to. Our database is filled with employers who value you for the skills and traits you can bring to their business. We hope that InXAthlete can help many more Student-Athletes like AJ Long find their next team!