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When student-athletes Cody Ferraro and Max Wessell met freshmen year they bonded over a shared affinity for competition. Their partnership stuck and continues as co-founders of InXAthlete.

While playing lacrosse his senior year, Cody tore his ACL and sat out the season. After injuring his wrist during his redshirt senior year Cody had a wake-up moment during his struggle to looking for jobs, while being a student-athlete. Ferraro came to Wessell with this struggle and that gave birth to the idea for a platform that connected student-athletes with employers.

Cody and Max spent the next years of college conducting market research and talking to companies nationwide, to see if there was a market for student-athletes in the professional world. They both came back with the answer of a resounding Yes!

Companies want to hire student-athletes and student-athletes are looking for their next team after graduation.

Max and Cody now run the InXAthlete Mission in beautiful Boulder, Colorado

Cody Ferraro

Coming from Stony Brook, New York, Cody played the midfield role for Lehigh University Lacrosse from 2011-2015, and attributes his most valuable professional skills to the journey he went through playing collegiate lacrosse.

Max Wessell

Max Wessell arrived at Lehigh from Boulder Colorado, and wrestled at Lehigh as a Heavyweight All-American. Lehigh brought Max and Cody together as close friends through academics, athletics, their shared affinity of forward thinking and hard work.