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7 Ways To Talk About Your Athletic Experience On A Job Interview
Posted  12/5/19
Throughout this article we see some of the key traits which Student-Athletes have learned throughout their college experience. You have many traits and skills as a Student-Athlete which employers value and look for in their employees. Being able to exemplify these skills is a very important step in the job searching process, and these tips from Lisa Strasman are a...

What name, image and likeness really means for student-athletes after college
Posted  11/25/19
In late October 2019, the NCAA board of governors voted unanimously to approve Student-Athletes to receive compensation for their respective name, image and likeness. As...
WeCOACH Announces Partnership with InXAthlete
Posted  10/29/19
WeCOACH has announced a partnership with InXAthlete to better connect student-athletes with a national network of companies and employers. InXAthlete is an online employment platform...
AJ Long—Molded by Mental Toughness
Posted  10/25/19
At InXAthlete, we pride ourselves on the success of former Student-Athletes in the professional world. We do our best to find jobs which benefit both...
Interview tips
Posted  10/4/19
Interviews can be incredibly stressful and intimidating. However, when searching for a job after college athletics, these interviews are vital in the hiring process. As...
Bridging the Gap
Posted  09/27/19
Throughout our time at InXAthlete, we have made a point of connecting businesses and Student-Athletes for the betterment of both parties. In the case of...