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Seven Keys to Summer Success
Posted  05/16/19
By: Samantha Nemirov, Marketing Intern at InXAthlete I’m proud to say I am officially a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder and also proud, yet sad, to say I am officially done with my Division I lacrosse career. If you are reading this than you must be in the same position as me, just a Student-Athlete trying to find...

InXAthlete and LEAD1 Join Forces to Provide More Opportunities for Student Athletes
Posted  04/15/19
InXAthlete, an online student-athlete employment platform, and LEAD1 Association, which represents the athletics directors of the 130 member institutions within the NCAA Division I Football...
Rick George Leads Colorado’s Focus on the Health and Well-Being of Student-Athletes
Posted  04/2/19
“As we developed our three-year goals for our strategic plan, it became clear to me we were falling short in the mental health area of...
You Want Student Athletes On Your Team
Posted  03/14/19
Valuing the hustle, grit and determination of the student athlete  • BY LEE MAXEY Lee Maxey is CEO of MindMax, a marketing and enrollment management services...
InXAthlete Announces Partnership with the University of Colorado Boulder Athletic Department
Posted  01/31/19
BOULDER - InXathlete announced their partnership with the flagship university of the state of Colorado, University of Colorado Boulder, to better connect student-athlete graduates with...
The Increasingly Stronger Case For Hiring 'Athlete' Employees
Posted  11/8/18
  As I’ve noted in prior columns, there’s a surging interest in the hiring and job placement of collegiate athletes, for good reason. Not all collegiate...